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Summer Camp

Summer Camp Registration Information: 

It is important that you follow the link and read The Albrook School Summer Camp Release and Waiver form.  When you continue to the next section to complete your child's information on the camp registration form, you will need to fill in the required field to confirm that you have read and agree to the contents of the Release and Waiver form, in order for your child to attend camp. 

/Data/Communities/7920001/Forms/summer/Summer 2023 Release and Waiver form.pdf
Please scroll down and review the following programs and fees available.  You may choose to sign-up for either a 1 week or 2 week session within any camp program, or you may choose to select a 1 week combination from different camp programs.  Exception: Drama Program is a 2-week commitment due to the student performance component.  Then proceed to the NEXT page to start the registration process. Children must be 4 years old to attend and must be toilet trained.  Complete the registration form and select the programs and sessions that you would like your child to attend. A separate registration form is required for each child. Total payment of the fees will secure your child's enrollment. Once your payment is received in the office, your child's summer camp registration will be processed.  Students may not begin camp until all forms are received and payment has been made in full.


You will be given the following options to pay: You may send in a check to the office, you may pay using PayPal or you may request that your fees be charged to your credit card, if you have a credit card authorization form on file. If do not have a PayPal account and you would like to charge your fees to your credit card, there is a link on the order page that will take you to a credit card authorization form. 
We accept summer camp students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration will be accepted up to one week prior to the start of the camp session.

The Albrook School has a non-discriminatory policy with regard to race, religion and national origin, both in the admission of students and in the employment of faculty and staff.

Refund Policy: Staffing decisions and camp expenditures are made in advance based on secured enrollment. Any program withdrawals before April 15, 2023 will be subject to a $50 withdrawal fee per program. After April 15, 2023, no refunds will be issued unless summer programs are canceled. All activities are subject to change based on the most current CDC and NJ DOH guidelines at the summer start.
Session 1:   June 19 - June 30   (the option of one week is offered)
Session 2:   July 5 - July 14    (the option of one week is offered) (closed 7/3, 7/4)
Session 3:   July 17 - July 28  (the option of one week is offered)
Session 4:   July 31 - Aug. 11   (the option of one week is offered)
 ** The option of one week is not available for the Drama club.
** The Albrook School's Elementary classes are still in session Week 1 of Session 1.
                                                             Programs and Fees

8:30-12:00 AM Program     8:30-3:00 Full Day Program     8:00-8:30 Early Care     3:00-5:45 After Care

                                                                                               Session 1         Session 2          Session 3          Session 4

Wonders of Nature - 4 to 6 years (3 years of age for currently enrolled Albrook students)

$730 AM               $1210 Full day      $365 AM 1 wk      $605 Full day 1 wk

$585 AM             $970 Full day     $365 AM 1 wk $605 Full day 1 wk

$730 AM             $1210 Full day     $365 AM 1 wk $605 Full day 1 wk

Full day      $365 AM 1wk       $605 Full day 1 wk

Fun with Soccer - 4 to 6 years 

$730 AM              $1210 Full day       $365 AM 1 wk     $605 Full day 1 wk

$585 AM     $970 Full day    $365 AM 1 wk    $605 Full day 1 wk

 Not available

Not available

Cooking Around the World - 4 to 9 years

$790 AM      $1260 Full day   $395 AM 1 wk     $630 Full day 1 wk

$635 AM           $1010 Full day   $395 AM 1 wk   $630 Full Day 1 wk

$790 AM             $1260 Full day      $395 AM 1 wk      $630 Full day 1 wk

 $790 AM            $1260 Full day      $395 AM 1 wk      $630 Full day 1 wk

Explore the World - 5 ½ to 9 years                        (Open to children that have completed kindergarten.) 

$790AM              $1260 Full day     $395 AM 1 wk     $630 Full day 1 wk

Not available

Not available

Not available

Digital Art - 6 to 9 years 

Not available 

Not availableNot available

$790AM              $1260 Full day      $395 AM 1wk       $630 Full day 1 wk

Creative Writing - 5 ½ to 9 years
(Open to children that have completed kindergarten.) 

Not available

Not available

Not available

$790AM              $1260 Full day      $395 AM 1wk       $630 Full day 1 wk

STEAM - 6 to 9 years.                                                  (Open to children that have completed kindergarten.)

Not available

$635AM     $1010 Full day   $395 AM 1 wk    $630 Full Day 1 wk


Not available 

Not available

Drama – 5 ½  to 9 years                                                                    (Open to children that have completed kindergarten.)

Not available

Not available

$790 AM             $1260 Full day

Not available

Early Care: 8:00 - 8:30 AM                                         After Care: 3:00 - 5:45 PM

$50                 $300

$40               $240

$50                 $300 

$50                 $300 

8 Week Discount:  $50 is deducted from the total of the program fees, when you enroll your child for all four sessions a total of 8 weeks.  (Does not apply to Early and After Care fees). 

                        ** All children are given morning swim lessons in our heated pools **

Wonders of Nature  (Offered Session 1,2,3,4) – Ages 4 to 6 (3 years of age for currently enrolled Albrook students)

Come explore the wonders of nature.  Campers will have fun while experiencing various themes, including related projects with hands-on materials. 

Session 1, Week 1 - Explore Animal Habitats

Session 1, Week 2 - Wonders of the Rainforest
Session 2, Week 1 - Wildlife in the Woods
Session 2, Week 2 - Spiders - Hanging by a Thread
Session 3, Week 1 - Finding hidden animals and plants in ponds and streams
Session 3, Week 2 - Predators and Prey
Session 4, Week 1 - Insect Architects
Session 4, Week 2 - Wisdom of Wings - discover the purpose of wings

Fun With Soccer (Offered Session 1 & 2) – Ages 4 to 6 

Practice basic soccer skills such as dribbling, shooting and passing while learning the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship while building friendships. 

Cooking Around the World (Offered Session 1, 2, 3 & 4) – Ages 4 to 9

Calling all aspiring chefs!  Travel around the world and learn about diverse cultures through their culinary traditionsDifferent countries will be explored each session as campers cook and create their own recipe books. 

Session 1, Week 1 - Breads Around the World
Session 1, Week 2 - Fruits Around the World
Session 2, Week 1 - Vegetables around the World 
Session 2, Week 2 - Holidays Around the World
Session 3, Week 1 - Cheeses Around the World
Session 3, Week 2 - Cookies Around the World
Session 4, Week 1 - Breakfast Around the World 
Session 4, Week 2 - Herbs and Spices Around the World 
Explore the World (Offered Session 1) – Ages 5 1/2 to 9
Open to children that have completed Kindergarten.
Become a world-class traveler! This engaging hands-on session will allow children to learn and have fun by exploring South America. Our creative approach includes hand-on projects, cooking and research. Projects and multi-media computers will enhance their study of this country.

Digital Art  (Offered Session 4)  Ages 6 - 9 

Art comes in all forms, and Digital Art has emerged out of the computer age. It is a new way of seeing things and composing a picture.  This process expands the artist's creative horizons and develops computer skills. In addition to the computer lab, our young artists will explore different hands-on art mediums in the classroom.  
Creative Writing (Offered Session 4)– Ages 5 ½ - 9 
Open to children that have completed Kindergarten.

Calling all authors!  Bring your story alive while developing creative writing skills such as brainstorming, character development and sentence structuring.  Each camper will write and illustrate a book. 

STEAM  (Offered Session 2) – Ages 6 to 9
Students will be presented with a fun, whimsical scenario involving a key problem to solve each day.  They will then work as individuals and teams to invert and create, finding solutions to the daily challenge.  

Week 1: - Physical Science:  Students will explore concepts such as density, magnetism, and sound as they have fun with glow sticks, mazes, ice cream, and so much more!

Week 2: - Engineering: Students will try designing anything from a bridge or vehicle to a football helmet! 
Drama  (Offered Session 3) – Ages 5½ to 9 (available for the two-week session only)
Open to children that have completed Kindergarten.
Come put on a show!  In the two-week session, students will be immersed in all aspects of theater as they rehearse and perform an original play. In addition to acting, students will gain experience in playwriting, costume design, prop creation, and scenery construction.  Campers will explore other theater elements such as dance and choreography, costume and prop making, and scenery design in the afternoons.  This camp culminates in a final performance for family, friends, and fellow Albrook campers.

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